The Amazing Chocolate Fountain

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A chocolate fountain is always a fabulous idea. Its attractive, low maintanence and self entertaining. The one I use is called Sephra Classic 18 Inch Home Fondue Fountain The chocolate that I use for for the fountain is also by Sephra A few quick tips on the chocolate fountain: Don't use it outside if

New Year, New Ideas!

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Hello 2018! What surprises do you hold for us this year? It is so exciting because we're able to put together a never been done before kind of product for our Posh Party Ideas lovers. It is not the price tag that sets a party apart, it is the heart, the thought and that WOW

Party on a Budget

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Last Minute Party? Party On A Budget? Too Many Ideas But How To Execute? Life gets too busy too quickly. Usually birthdays are quick to be axed out of the weekend schedule because there is simply no time. So what now? As grand as some parties can be, all children really care about is

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