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Posh Party
Saratoga, CA

My three year old is obsessed with Blaze the Montser Machine (monster truck) on Nickelodeon. We had many plans and ideas for the party but due to nonstop travel prior to the birthday, we could only pull so much off in two days.  Note to self, stop traveling!
It was going to be 90 degrees, so whatever we did, had to involve a water feature and ice cream. Also, sice we were going to host over 60 adults and chidren, with kids ranging in ages from newborns to 14 years old, it had to be fun for everyone! We hope you enjoy what we put together. Below, find all our extra ideas which would have been super awesome had we had time to execute on them. Enjoy!

Venue: Backyard
Cake: Sweet Tooth Confections
Jumpers: Crazy Jumpers
Balloons Twister: Balloons by Daniel
Decoration Balloons: San Jose Balloons
Hawiian Shaved Ice: Island Ice LLC.
Photographer: Roozbeh Jafarzadeh

Buffalo Chicken Meat for Sandwiches
Hawaiian Bread
Fruit, Chips & Salsa accompanied with Light Sandwiches for Appetizers