Posh Favorite Favors

Favors are what tie a party together. After a great time, its a little takeaway to remember a great afternoon or evening. Favors don’t have to break the bank but they can be made memorable. As websites have become more aggressive in pricing, some really cool stuff can be given out as favors. Check out some themes we have for you on the left.

Legos & Building Blocks


Princesses & More

Unique Favors

My Posh Party Gift Ideas!

For Grown Ups

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the way to go to dive into his or her heart and hand grave a placard with your name on it. Does this mean shooting yourself in the foot with less you and him or her time? Probably, but what lies there is a deep, meaningful conversation about how much you trust them. Essentially, this wouldn’t jeopardize the relationship between you and them time šŸ˜‰

Here are some options:

Samsung Gear VR | Low Cost: $99
Amazon is selling (SM-R323) for $47.69
Link: http://a.co/cYlJHsl

Oculus Rift | Pricy: $800 + cost of a super PC

I bought this for my husband for his birthday. Remember the part about the placard (see above :P)? To put the whole thing together was about an $1800 investment. I bought the Oculus from their main website.
Oculus Rift

Vive | Serious: $800 with tons of software from Steam.

HTC Vive

PlayStation VR | PRICE $399


Hermes Belts –> $800-$1200
They’re double-sided, so you get two colors for the price of one. The buckle is transferable and looks super nice on. Absolutely love the way it wraps around the waist.

Cartier Bracelet –> $6000-$12,000
The Classic will never go out of fashion. She will never forget this amazing gift. It doesn’t scream BRAND but articulates elegance.

A Plush Monogrammed Bath Robe–> $53-$199
There are so many options here! Restoration Hardware carries some really nice robes and so does Etsy. This is a great family gift, will be used every day and fits every budget. Remember, the plusher it is, the bigger the smile šŸ™‚

Flowers or Plant?
Why gift fresh flower when we all know they will soon die. Consider giving an easy-care indoor houseplant that’ll brighten up her or his day, every day!

Homemade Brownies & Muffins
There is nothing that says I Love You more than homemade baked goods. It signifies effort, time, though (as you’ll be making their favorite recipe) and love. This serves a wide range of hearts, family to school friends, best friend to that special someone.

A Monogrammed Photo Frame with a Picture of You & Your Loved one!
Anyone can pick up a picture frame, but it takes time and effort to find the right picture, print it, frame it and lastly, have it monogrammed. Things Remembered will always be able to meet your monogramming needs and deadlines.