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Be Posh!

Welcome to the Posh Party Community! Here is a list of some of our contributors who’ve made some very special memories with their families and friends.

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Faiza K Member of the Month

Faiza K.

Our Newest Posh Member of the Month – Posh Member since 2016

Faiza and her family live in the beautiful town of Monroeville in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an IT Executive and an amazing party planner. Faiza has done a fantastic job of capturing some of the most intricate details of her events. Explore away for some of Faiza’s amazing work.

Sarah C.

Posh Member since 2016

Sarah’s been a Posh Member since January of 2017. She finds inspiration in her daughter and has put together some of the most amazing events. Sarah has a wide portfolio of working extensive projects for United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Today, she’s also the founder of a photography studio, The Little Studio & a party supply online store, Frostings.

Kinza M.

Posh Member since 2016

Kinza works in IT at one of the best Utah school libraries. She is a mom and somehow between work, mom life, and everything else, she comes up with some of the most glamorous party details.

Bushra A.

Posh Member since 2016

Bushra is a dentist, a loving mom of 2 and an amazing party planner. She moved to Salt Lake City and has put together some of the most memorable events for her family and friends.

Hina C.

Posh Member since 2016

Hina is a CPA at one of Pittsburgh’s most prestigious firms. She is a mom of two boys and has a husband with a very demanding schedule. Hina not only makes work and motherhood seem like a breeze but throwing parties is something she can do in her sleep.

Aifra A.

Posh Member since 2016

Aifra is a physician at a leading Hospital at Stanford. Between her busy schedule and her demanding career, she finds time to throw extravagant parties.

Events By Frostings:

Sarah O., one of our regular contributors has now opened up her own event planning company, Events by Frostings. We are not at all surprised by this as she has amazing taste! Sarah Omar, the founder of Frostings, is a mother of two in Lahore, Pakistan. Sarah says that it is an obsession with joy, that makes her so committed to putting something perfect together. Thank you Frostings for being you!
Here are some events contributed by Events by Frostings:

Minnie Mouse

Sweets by Design

Posh Member Since 2019

Sweets By Design was founded from the desire to bring a smile to a child’s face and assistance to a mom in need. In 2013, my sister had contacted me to brainstorm for a cake idea for my niece’s 5th birthday. She didn’t want the typically grocery store cake and was tired of the molded cake pan look. So, we offered to come up with a design. It was that cake that tied my love of baking to my passion for art and design.
From there, I read every article possible, watched every video I could get my hands on and practiced every free minute I had for the next 10 months. In August of 2013, Sweets By Design was born, and I’ve never looked back.
I’m proud of what we produce but it’s the smile on our clients faces that keeps me coming back every day.

Ash K.

Ashraf works at one of Silicon Valley’s leading technology companys. She is also an amazing mother to two adorable kids; Aleesa & Aydin. Some of Ashraf’s favorite pastimes are climbing Mission Peak, traveling to exotic destinations and giving her all to raising two amazing human beings.
You can read Ashraf’s own blog: https://sites.google.com/a/karim.us/aleesa/Home

Reem C.

Reem is a mother of three, works for a sales consulting company that’s owned by her husband, and has an undiagnosed problem of throwing parties. Most of her hobbies revolve around art; capturing art, putting it together or making it happen. Reem & Ashraf have known each other for over a decade, and their love for celebrations is what has made Posh Party Ideas happen.

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